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Volvo cem swap

CEM receives transponder key signal from immobilizer coil and if key data is equal to car, sends synchronization signal to motor ECU. For repair remove CEM from car, read 28F memory with programmer for ex. Now save both files. To CEM repaired file you must also write transponder keys. In CEM immobilizer data you will see keys data, synchronization bytes. Now car will start. Welcome Guest Login Register. C1 - Car electronic on table testing adapter. Downloads and Manuals. Connection diagrams. Price List.

UAB "Atomis" Ent. Code:Taikos str. Euro US Dollars. One license is for one computer only.

Volvo cem module synchronize service

Hi for all, Nice program! After battery discharge on CEM flash memory 28FB5 at address F01 in bin file usually we have 00 instead of FF and program at this moment "make a small fault".

You can edit manually putting FF from adres to ! Make synchronization with program and car will start. Please login or register to reply this post. Please login or register to discuss this product. There are no reviews. Please login or register to post review.Welcome, Guest.

Please login or register. Did you miss your activation email? This topic This board Entire forum Google Bing. Print Search. Author Topic: Volvo electronic module repair. Read times. Hello all! I am warning you in advance, that I am a newbie who knows the basic theory and enjoys watching a lot of youtube videos of Mike, Dave, AvE, Jerri Elsworth, Applied science and so on, however, I am not by far an electronics engineer. I have an automotive repair dilemma here which ultimately boils down to electronic fundamentals in repairing a water damaged device that processes CAN signals.

volvo v50 cem swap

INTRO start skip this if you are not interested in the explanations I own a volvo s80 that has stood on the outside for some time and it has turned out, that it has the infamous sunroof drain problem which in turn has caused water damage to the Central Electronic Module of the car. If anybody is interested in more details, please ask, but I arrived to this conclusion after a few basic fixes of the failed window washer pump did not work And after taking out the module itself, you can see the substantial damage caused to it.

The repair at the dealer costs too much for me to consider this option - EUR for the module plus another approx. All of that being done to prevent these modules from being stolen and sold left and right.

I have googled quite a lot and it seems that these modules are easily repairable, and a few people have completed it, but with different main causes. As well as there are services that specialize in the repair of these devices. I have a donor device, but I am not sure of the internals as I haven't had the time to pry it open and see if they are similar internally.

A picture of the old and new devices from the blog for those who do not surf links: Due to the fact that my CEM module is badly damaged, I do not think that a lot of the components will be usable as the water has corroded a lot of pins which have come out, as well as surely corroded much more.

This leaves me with the option, that is being stipulated in the blog above: " read flash from dead CEM; re-program new replacement CEM, done. Thanks, Juris. Unless you are very well experienced, this isn't a solder job I'd recommend a beginner to attempt. Also, do you own the equipment to do the job? If it means buying a hot-air station, programmer, new chip etc. Can you post some pictures of your device so that we can assess the damage?

Thanks for your reply, McBryce, but it seems to me that repairing the device itself is too costly compared to the fact that they are easily copy-able, even though bound to the car. Some extent of the damage can be seen on the pictures in the bottom gallery - more the connectors then the board itself, but, ahh, well.

I have done a fair bit of reading in multiple languages on this, and apparently the water damage, as well as over-heating of the MCU is a very common problem. There is even a service of copying the data over to a refurbished device.Welcome Guest Log In Register.

volvo cem swap

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Board 2. Cem Replacement. View Member Profile. Oct 20PM. Post 1. My 05 S40 T5 has been having intermittent brain seizures.

Central Electronic Module Repair & Return for Volvo

Started with radio getting stuck on one station but now the instrument panel goes dead or the windows won't work or the message center comes up with all sorts of warnings. Car seems to run fine though. The service manager is a good guy and I trust his judgement. He wasn't sure if I got one from a wreck whether it would plug in and go. Anybody tried this? Where is the module physically located? Jan 25AM. Post 2. Just make sure you get the code of the old one and find one the same or one that supercedes it and plug it in no sweat I have done this on my v40 takes 5 min.

Feb 6PM. Post 3. Sep 24PM. Post 4. I have a S60 with 3, miles on it and just had to have the CEM replaced. Basically, my message center and gauges stopped working intermittently. Dealer said it was rare for this to happen but they had seen it a couple of times.It's been a long time coming. Volvo has kept software under wraps for a long time, but has finally made it public.

Hope this helps those of you in the ECM swap process. This was earlier. Benefits for this feature are several:. To erase, follow these steps:. ECM is now "virgin" and can now be swapped with another vehicle or used later. Sometimes the car may start, even though the "erase" SW has been downloaded. This is no error, and it will still be possible to do a ECM reload in another car. It does read that way, but I'm currently seeking advice from someone more knowledgable about this.

I've talked with Lucky about this. He knows how to change the immobilizer code, so that it is blanked. I've got 2 spare ECU's for cars, and Lucky told me that he can use those to clone another car, or so the owner could have a spare ECU if s he wanted. Did you ever get any more information about this? I'm sorry I don't have any new information at this time. Start new topic. Recommended Posts.

Report post. Posted June 8, Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. That's great! Just trying to understand this statement from the bulletin Posted June 16, Posted September 28, Posted September 29, Posted October 2, KKL can also read flash with Minimon software and with the correct drivers also write.

Go To Topic Listing. Similar Content. Hey all! I need an automatic one I've scoured Ebay and various other sites and they all seem to be non-turbo ECUs. I've found R and T5 upgrades online and they're all relatively expensive bucks. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.Realtime Posts Downloads Chatbox. What's New? Forgot Username? Remember Me?

volvo cem swap

Page 3 of 5 First 1 2 3 4 5 Last Jump to page: Results 31 to 45 of Thread: volvo CEM. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Downloads 2 Uploads 0. Downloads 56 Uploads 0. This is changing time to time if I read it. I have move mcu pin and car start. I do not know where milage stored.

When swap 93c86 milage are changed? Last edited by adam; 16th October, at PM. Milage is stored in both dim and cem. I have not controll this yet. Do you know how make virgin CEM "L"? Not possible! Renesas mcu i coded by volvo. If you try to read mcu all info get deleted. Some chines guy can hack this typ of mcu, but he don't answer my mail Downloads 70 Uploads 0. Any changes in thred volvo CEM L? No offers see decrypted data. Last edited by adam; 10th February, at PM.

Originally Posted by adam Downloads 3 Uploads 0. Last edited by zoranmadzar; 2nd April, at AM. Originally Posted by zoranmadzar. Downloads 16 Uploads 0. I dont know about this chip. I read xaknm on mine cem. Downloads Uploads So someone before me changed 93LC86 and Nothing. Car was cranking before,but won't start,but after 93LC86 replacement Quit completely. Moved another micro with "I" logo few accompanied resistors and capacitors,and car started right away. Thanks God.So lets put it in writing with things we KNOW work, not what we heard or someone told us.

I will reflect my personal experiences and will happy to update the original post with known swaps. Breakdown will be by platform.

Central Electronic Module Repair & Return for Volvo

ABS - Yes, early years only. If it says BCM, it's programmed to the car. Also, early DSTC modules cannot be swapped. Buttons do not have to match IE; seat heat button can be swapped and function. SRS - Yes, but only on early S80's. Look for chassis break, late break modules can't be swapped. I know I've forgotten many and there are few more platforms to add.

Please post up what you've successfully swapped or corrections to anything. You missed ETM on P2 cars. Supposedly, these cannot be swapped on any of the cars '99 - '01, they are VIN matched. However, I had an ETM that was bad, but didn't fail the sweep test, so factory rep made a deal that he would replace mine, and if it fixed problem, I got a warranty ETM.

You know he wouldn't take it back unless he could reprogram the VIN number. Go figure, but that was on a C70, I think. I also think the ECM can be reprogrammed, but again only by the dealer. Xemodex probably hasn't tried, but I'll bet they could.

I'm about to send a junkyard UEM to Xemodex to let him see if he can reprogram the VIN in that, as well; he's never tried to do it before. ETM's can be swapped, I've done dozens of them. ECM can absolutely not be swapped, tried that too. Please only post confirmed swaps not speculation! I've also been able to access the used unit and reprogrammed it with my DiCE.

Interestedly, I was also able to clear the DTC for altered mileage.Transfer includes the software, VIN number, key codes, mileage as well as the original CEM configuration and settings. The CEM will not need any additional reloads or calibration. Plug and Play! Please note: If your CEM lost the key codes from its memory then the transfer will not be possible. In this case please opt for virgin Un-programmed CEM. We always verify the number of keys programmed prior to the transfer.

volvo cem swap

No warranty on CEM hardware. Check with your local scrap yard about their warranty policy. Lifetime warranty on the software. Click here to view details regarding placing your order and shipping instructions. All other product or service names are property of their respective owners. XeMODeX is not affiliated with, nor has it been authorized, sponsored, or otherwise approved by any company mentioned on this website.

For more information please view our disclaimer page. Rear Electronic Module Cloning for Volvo. Description Shipping Details Description For this service, you will need to purchase a good used unit with the same matching part number as your original unit from a local scrap yard. Once both units are shipped to us, we will perform a software transfer from the original unit to the good used one.

volvo cem swap

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